Moving back to your childhood home

Hey guys, I know I’ve been A-Wall as soon as I said I’d got my mojo back. But… life just got in the way (burst out into HSM2) as you know I moved out with my boyfriend matt back into February, which was back to my childhood home. Which has crazily mixed emotions as I lived here for 16 years and it’s where my last memories was before my dad passed.

This place is amazing yet confusing it’s simple things like dismantling a shed he built and wanting to burst into tears … pathetic right! Wrapping wallpaper wanting to make it your own then feeling like you’re wiping your memories away. It’s ridiculous to think a place you never visited in 6 years doesn’t look like you’ve left, same carpets other than the lick of paint reminding where every photo was hung. Looking out your old bedroom window flipping back to teenage me remembering those problems that now you’d wish to have again. Aswell those days you feel low and the only comforting room is your childhood bedroom wishing you could walk into what was your parents room and explain it all to them! I mean my mum lives literally across the road so it’s not difficult for me to scurry over there.

Welcome back to my Bundle of joy blog! Haha I promise it will pick up just a bad night I suppose! Venting my 1st world problems haha…

Curious though if you could go back to your childhood home would you? If it looked the same would you give it a brand new makeover? It’s something that never crossed my mind until I moved in here and since then has never left.

Thanks, chin up keep smiling.

Charlotte xox

Iceland 2018~ in pictures

Hello everybody!

So I recently just got back from Iceland, you may know if you follow me on insta and if not… why not😱 click here, and while cram revising for a college exam I haven’t had time to put up a post. So I’ve decided I’m going to put a Iceland in pictures post, partly as a memory for me to look back on. If anyone would like a what I took to Iceland recommendations I can do another post or answer any questions, however, I’ve been once I’m no expert 😂😂.

Honestly I feel like the luckiest girl alive to have gone and seen the northern lights, even with the super moon out making it seem like someone has a light on in the middle of nowhere 😂😂. Also, I hope to go back one day! So much still to explore!

I should hopefully be back up and normal soon! But bare with me as I’m moving later this month! But I hope to have some scheduled!


10 Things office workers will relate to

Hello Everyone!

So I’m going to do a ‘lil different post this evening as I was sat at work pondering over my writers block, because who does work at work right? only joking haha. However, I sat there and thought these are 10 things which I’m sure all office workers, possibly just working in general, will relate to possibly on a weekly if not daily basis.

(1) Office small talk ~ you’ll have said this phrase at least 2 times possibly to the same co-worker more than once and that is “Hi, you alright?” or “what’s your plans for the weekend” (< This is my fav to say on a Monday morning at 8.30 AM )just to brake the awkward silence, acknowledge them, or a change to the eye contact and smile as you pass. I hate it and cringe every time.

(2) Not sending attachments in e-mails ~ Now I’m hoping plenty can rate to this one because if not then this is awkward. But sending that e-mail and writing “see attached” then not attaching the e-mail and you get the response like “errrm nothings attached” and you have to come up with a quick awkward quirky response to avoid the topic that you messed up.

(3)  Receiving “Regards” in an e-mail ~ When you receive just ” Regards” as opposed to ” kind regards” you know you’ve messed up and that’s code word for “your in the shit” or stop -mailing me before I do loose it. As opposed to Kind regards which is code for thanks, have a nice day, your cool this convocation wasn’t stressful.

(4) Establishing the room temperature sets off WW3 ~ This is the bane of our office as one will feel the cold more than others, some cant feel the aircon, others slowly overheat in silence. its become a thing that you’ll have it on at lowest fan ( So no one can hear it) then leave the room come back 2 minutes later BAMN its been turned off.

(5) Lunch is the centre of work ~ As soon as you arrive at work, lunch becomes the biggest decision. What shall I have? when shall I have lunch? Will my lunch actually last until lunch? Even after lunch you’ll wonder if you spent your lunch efficiently.

(6) You will snack constantly if its a slow day, or a normal day tbh~ Literally you’ll snack to make the day go faster ” ill have one chocolate bar now and then an apple at 10″. I have a crisps & junk drawer purely for these days or when I struggle to make it to lunch without eating my lunch.

(7) The bitchiness doesn’t stop outside retail ~ So at my last retail job it was mainly the managers or people just in a bad mood. Well in my experience in a office its worse because your stuck at a desk so you have to listen to it. So far I’ve found it not to be managers but the ladies over 60 (not to be offensive or anything just in my office it was as they egged each other on and could bounce off each other)

(8) The term office wear never applies ~ When you look on shopping websites like new look and asos and click through them half of the outfits could not be worn in an office. In my work the code is “smart / Casual” so like jeans and smart top. But online websites seem to show either too dressy or crop tops and as much as I love my crop tops not a fan of rocking them in the office. Don’t think my manager will enjoy it either.

(9) Its a secret rule to bring cakes in on your Birthday ~ Its impossible to secretly have a birthday and if you don’t bring in cakes, you’ll know about it especially if you take other peoples cakes.

(10) Leaving work on time ~ You’re judged if your the first one out so you have to time it so you’re leaving about 1-2 minutes later, just to avoid the ” did you do any work today” or “oooh someone cant wait to get out of here” jokes. 

Hopefully you guys can relate to some of these and enjoyed this slightly different post.

Charlotte x

Primark ~ Foundation

Hi Everybody,

So I was in need of a new foundation after mine had ran out and I decided that since i’d heard some good things about the Primark foundation on my way to boots I’d grab one, for £3 I wasn’t to worried if it turned out to be rubbish.


I’ve never tried Estee Lauder  double wear but people are comparing this to be very similar. The Primark foundation claims to be medium – Full coverage, Matte finish and oil free. The foundation in my opinion lives up to its claims as it gives a very good matte finish and I can vouch that it is really good coverage!

Another pro to this foundation is the range of colours they had a shade for more or less most skin tones, I personally hate when they have different “tones” as I cant be dealing with if my skin is pink toned or yellow tone just give me a standard shade and primark have done this. Another pro is that this foundation… which was £3… only comes with a bloody pump, praise the lord a budget friendly foundation, with good coverage, does as it claims and comes with a pump! Honestly, this foundation blows my mind, so expect this foundation with all the hype to double in price but honestly id still pay it. Also, thought id add in with this foundation it doesn’t oxidise so all those Superdrug foundations that oxidise… up your game Primark’s killing it.

img_3266Here’s me with it on I mean I don’t have the worst skin but I defiantly don’t have the best, so hopefully you can see the matte-ness and the overall coverage. I haven’t used this with a primer yet but I’m  thinking I need to as my skins so dry, and this foundation does seem to break in the dryness.

There’s only one down side to this foundation is that the pump on it is kind of crappy. it really hard to push down and you cant really do half a pump like you can on more drugstore foundations but that is not the end of the world for me and I can live with that. I think possibly with a little time it may start to be ok, but its liveable.

Hopefully this helps you guys! Also, leave me suggestions of any other Primark Make-up I should try.

Charlotte xxx

BirchBox~ January

Hello Everybody,

So Kicking off a beauty type post in 2018, is of course my favourite, a Birchbox post.


So the January BirchBox is in collaboration with Ohh Deer, now I’m not a huge fan of the packaging. Although its pretty its just not my cuppa tea, if you get me 🙂 However, that being said the contents in this box is one of my favourite! I know I know your all probably saying.. Charlotte… You literally say this every month :’) but there’s one product in this which has blown it up to being the top box. So Lets get into the contents:

Oribe ~ Dry texturizing spray SAMPLE ~ RRP from £20.00


“The ultimate quick hair- fix hair product – part dry shampoo, part texturiser, it soaks up oils and adds oomph to lifeless styles.”*
So this it the ultimate product, I’ve wanted to try this for agggggges! but could never justify £20 for something which could be just as well as batiste… So hopefully this is better.

Thermalive ~ Night Cream ~ RRP £15.75


“Brimming with sea chamomile to boost collagen production and vitamin E to soothe, your skin will be left plump, nourished and well- rested come morning”*
This has interesting properties because its meant to make your skin look like brand new, high hopes!

Lord & Berry ~ Blusher Crayon Full Size ~ RRP £15

“Embrace your inner kid and scribble onto the a[[les of your cheek, then blend out edges with your fingertips for an instant flush”*
This seems to have really good pigmentation and seems to blend really well. However, this isn’t my colour as such.

Marcelle ~ Birchbox Exclusive ~RRP £10.99

“The soft Charchoal shade is a wearable twist on a classic black, and it glides on smoothly for effortless application. just sweep the pencil across your lash line, starting from the inner corner of your eye”*
So this is a nice grey and seems very creamy the only downside is it doesn’t look like you can sharpen it or twist it up? if you also got this please enlighten me in case I’m being silly haha!

Afterspa ~ Amazing Makeup Remover~ RRP £5.50

“Just wet the cloth and massage it over your face to break down impurities and remove all types of make-up. Give it in a spin in the washing machine before your first use… Bonus it lasts up to 1,00 Washes”*
So this looks amazing but the only annoying thing about this is chucking it in the washing machine…. do I put softener in? do I chuck it in on its own or in a wash? TOO MANT QUESTIONS! Someone help me please 😥

Lastly I got some stickers 🙂 Not much to say about this except YAAAY Stickers, haha.

So that’s the January BirchBox all done, Id love to hear if you’ve tried any of these? Also, if you have a BirchBox subscription and what’s your favourite?

*All descriptions are from the BirchBox leaflet and are not my own opinion*

Charlotte xxx

Just a ‘lil catch up

Happy new year everyone!!

Can I still say that this far into January? 😂I am so annoyed that I’ve let it get this late into January! I don’t think I’ve posted for about a month now (you may not have even noticed;) ) although in December I was very prepared in advanced with Christmas shopping it still became a very busy month!

Cliche to say I had writers block and honestly even looking back now some of the posts I posted I wasn’t and still not 100% Happy with. Me and my boyfriend decided we was going to move out so I’ve been adulting hard in 2018 buying home furniture! 😍😍 hopefully my in head visions work in reality 😟😟. Then I was just super busy with Work and preparing for one of my accounts exams which is coming up soon.

So aswell in this post of a lil catch up I wanted to post some “goals” NOT resolutions as well they’ll never stick but I’d love to come back and tick some of these more personal ones off. ( hi future me 😉 👋🏼)

So aswell as the bog standard get fit I want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with the reflection without getting deep. We live in a time where we compare each other to ourselves find flaws and perfections but it’s like the brand new handbag, yours may be fine and work but this is better in some way. Honestly I hate that. I’m happy with everything except I wanna be more toned nothing to drastic just comfortable that when I rock those summer clothes I’m not constantly pulling that crop top down because I ate far far too much over Christmas.

Hopefully I want to be happy and stable in my new home obviously I’m not rich, altho I tell myself I am when I go shopping justification don’t look at that bank balance 😂😂. But aswell you never know what it’s like living with someone until you do it. Not a fan of not being able to know 100% what can you do.

These are a few more personal but what was meant to be a quick catch up turned into a essay… why was uni not based like this 😂😂

Hopefully you had an amazing new year and Christmas. I feel like a refreshed person and missed this whole blogging community altho I did carry on reading everyone’s posts. I hopefully will upload another Birchbox this week.

Charlotte xx

My top 20, 2017 Spotify songs

Hello Everyone!

I’ve seen a few of these floating around and honestly I feel like you can learn a lot about someones personality from music which they listen to! I have such a huuuuuge mix of music that I’m slightly worried about the songs which will come up! this could be an utterly boring post for some of you as I’m going to list my songs but if not we can jam together or share our love for Beyonceeeee!

  1. California King Bed-Rhianna ABSALOUTE CLASSSIC!!
  2. Still into you- Ashley Tisdale ( a cover of Paramore but I love how chilled it is)
  3. Down with the sickness – Disturbed ( I mean I did say it was a mix haha)
  4. Take  a bow – Rhianna
  5. Happy endings- MIKA
  6. Demonds- Imagine Dragons
  7. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
  8. Gives you hell – All American Rejects
  9. Cooler than me – Mike Posner
  10. Halo – Beyoncé ( Honestly… I’m ashamed a how low beyonce is…)
  11. Your Song- Ellie Golding
  12. Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry
  13. My Happy ending – Avril lavigne
  14. F… perfect – Pink
  15. Part of your world – Jodi Benson (lil bit of little mermaid)
  16. Love yourself – Justin Bieber
  17. Bury Me- Breath Carolina
  18. The  man who cant be moved – The script
  19. I  write sins not tragedies – Panic! at the disco
  20. Four Five seconds – Rhianna TUNEEEEEE

there it is all wrapped  up I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane haha and that you some how enjoyed my post haha

PS Can we appreciate Ed Sheerans song with Beyoncé!!! if you’ve not heard it then you gotta go listen to it!

Charlotte xx