Just a ‘lil catch up

Happy new year everyone!!

Can I still say that this far into January? 😂I am so annoyed that I’ve let it get this late into January! I don’t think I’ve posted for about a month now (you may not have even noticed;) ) although in December I was very prepared in advanced with Christmas shopping it still became a very busy month!

Cliche to say I had writers block and honestly even looking back now some of the posts I posted I wasn’t and still not 100% Happy with. Me and my boyfriend decided we was going to move out so I’ve been adulting hard in 2018 buying home furniture! 😍😍 hopefully my in head visions work in reality 😟😟. Then I was just super busy with Work and preparing for one of my accounts exams which is coming up soon.

So aswell in this post of a lil catch up I wanted to post some “goals” NOT resolutions as well they’ll never stick but I’d love to come back and tick some of these more personal ones off. ( hi future me 😉 👋🏼)

So aswell as the bog standard get fit I want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with the reflection without getting deep. We live in a time where we compare each other to ourselves find flaws and perfections but it’s like the brand new handbag, yours may be fine and work but this is better in some way. Honestly I hate that. I’m happy with everything except I wanna be more toned nothing to drastic just comfortable that when I rock those summer clothes I’m not constantly pulling that crop top down because I ate far far too much over Christmas.

Hopefully I want to be happy and stable in my new home obviously I’m not rich, altho I tell myself I am when I go shopping justification don’t look at that bank balance 😂😂. But aswell you never know what it’s like living with someone until you do it. Not a fan of not being able to know 100% what can you do.

These are a few more personal but what was meant to be a quick catch up turned into a essay… why was uni not based like this 😂😂

Hopefully you had an amazing new year and Christmas. I feel like a refreshed person and missed this whole blogging community altho I did carry on reading everyone’s posts. I hopefully will upload another Birchbox this week.

Charlotte xx


My top 20, 2017 Spotify songs

Hello Everyone!

I’ve seen a few of these floating around and honestly I feel like you can learn a lot about someones personality from music which they listen to! I have such a huuuuuge mix of music that I’m slightly worried about the songs which will come up! this could be an utterly boring post for some of you as I’m going to list my songs but if not we can jam together or share our love for Beyonceeeee!

  1. California King Bed-Rhianna ABSALOUTE CLASSSIC!!
  2. Still into you- Ashley Tisdale ( a cover of Paramore but I love how chilled it is)
  3. Down with the sickness – Disturbed ( I mean I did say it was a mix haha)
  4. Take  a bow – Rhianna
  5. Happy endings- MIKA
  6. Demonds- Imagine Dragons
  7. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
  8. Gives you hell – All American Rejects
  9. Cooler than me – Mike Posner
  10. Halo – Beyoncé ( Honestly… I’m ashamed a how low beyonce is…)
  11. Your Song- Ellie Golding
  12. Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry
  13. My Happy ending – Avril lavigne
  14. F… perfect – Pink
  15. Part of your world – Jodi Benson (lil bit of little mermaid)
  16. Love yourself – Justin Bieber
  17. Bury Me- Breath Carolina
  18. The  man who cant be moved – The script
  19. I  write sins not tragedies – Panic! at the disco
  20. Four Five seconds – Rhianna TUNEEEEEE

there it is all wrapped  up I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane haha and that you some how enjoyed my post haha

PS Can we appreciate Ed Sheerans song with Beyoncé!!! if you’ve not heard it then you gotta go listen to it!

Charlotte xx

Christmas Party outfits🎄

Hi everyone!

so today since its approaching Christmas and approaching fast I’ve decided I wanted to do a kind of party outfit inspo blog post! hopefully you guys enjoy it, I’m going to show a mix of both like glammed outfits and more casual! just know my work party is casual I’ve 100% brought some of these clothes literally for this post… and because I gave myself this excuse as a valid justification… that’s good right? hahha nether the less! p.s I’m not saying these will have to be Christmas outfits you can wear them when your going on a night out.

I brought this dress from misguided and I honestly love this so much its so comfortable and soft! It doesn’t show up in the picture (even before editing) that it’s a navy blue, I love the slits down the side of the sleeves.

this dress was abit more daring but I picked it up from I Saw it first. Honestly even though the V is so low the sequins just make me want to wear it, like if it was red it would scream Christmas at me!

This red one I brought on boohoo last year so not sure if they’ll have anything similar but I’m sure you could find it. I feel anything red during December is going to work. I love this as the scalloped detail transforms it from being a standard bodycon dress.

This dress is my all time favourite one! I got it last year for a wedding and I’ve been finding occasions to wear it but it’s perfect for Christmas! It’s navy blue with a black laser like print high neck. I managed to get this from Lipsy from the michelle keegan range which is honestly to die for! Who doesn’t love a bit of the keeegs

so the next few I wanted to kick it abit more cas just because one of these outfits I will be wearing to my Christmas party:

This I feel would work 100% if you made it a little Christmas with some antlers or a hat 😂 but it’s just a jumper dress I got from I saw it first and then I just added a belt to make it look a little more fitted threw it on with my miss Selfridge knee high boots!

is outfit so much! Professional photographer me cut some of the dress off with my hands… this is a basic miss Selfridge body con dress with a high neck and again thrown on my miss Selfridge knee high boots. I feel like this will go from office to party quite easy with your hair done and maybe a nice red lip!

< em>ps excuse the messy hair I didn’t fancy doing my hair and face to change between 5 different outfits 😂

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

Charlotte xx

Effaclar duo review

Hello Everybody!!

So since I posted my Boots skin care haul ft Primark everyone was asking for a review on the Effaclar duo moisturiser.

so this is the description which boots have provided “Anti-blemish moisturiser that corrects and hydrates oily and acne-prone skin. Noticeably reduces spots, controls shine and helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation marks For clearer skin in 4 weeks”

so I wanted to make sure I gave a honest review of this which is why it took me a while to do this review for you I wanted to give this a whole honest review. whilst I did notice a difference in using this (I’ve taken weekly pictures so that you can see the difference and see if you notice a change at all.) I honestly didn’t really notice a change until recently when I looked at my skin and there was only about 3/4 spots of which I could noticeably see.
The main thing I loved about this moisturiser is that I brought the tinted one after seeing people used that as a foundation. since I decided to do the same as I believed it was silly to then use a foundation on top I’ve since gained the confidence to walk out with just wearing this and not really care about having the full coverage, which for me is amazing!

Day I started

After a Week

Week 2

Week 3

Okay so now I’ve cringed over these pictures I hope that you had a good laugh at the pictures haha! please excuse the lighting and the resting bitch face and unflattering angles I took these before going to bed after id taken my make up off. Now even looking back at these pictures I don’t think I really noticed a difference in my skin until week 3.  I mean week 2 you notice the redness reducing but its not until week 3 you see the redness mostly gone and I feel like the spots have reduced in size. but honestly id recommend not bothering with the tinted moisturiser and just get the plain one and whack it on before you go to bed? be so much more simple or under your foundation. but if you do grab the tinted it looks a lot darker in the tube than on the face 🙂

Have you tried this and did you experience anything similar to what I experienced? I’ve currently stopped using this because I cant guarantee it but I felt like it was messing up with my Pill… which surly if it can help hormonal acne it must have some sort of hormonal aspect to it? not sure so don’t guarantee me on that one 🙂

Charlotte x

My 2018 wish list

Hi everyone!

what a better way to kick start a day other than with 2 inches of snow! So I’m having a duvet day so I thought I’d do a lil blog post for you al and with Christmas on the fast approach I wanted to do a post for New Years a lil early so I’m prepared!

so I’m unsure on what to call this because I want it to be a wishlist but I also want it to be a kind of what I want to accomplish next year. Think ill stick with wishlist as I’m not really a resolution kinda gal! id love to do a monthly goals post each month but I’m not sure I could think of a goal each month especially without repeating myself.

so on some sort of dream/ wishlist I would love to visit either Paris or Edinburgh for a long weekend. Edinburgh because I love the look of it and all the architecture and a little of the Scottish accent. Paris would be my top ultimate dream for a long weekend id be over the moon to visit the Eiffel tower I’ve been obsessed with it for years. Buuuuut I wouldn’t say no to a cheeky quick trip to Disney Land, who would!.

I would love to be able to pass my final accounts exam in February as it will mean I will have my Level 3 AAT qualification. which will also mean I can go on to Level 4 in September. The main reason I’m getting more stressed over this exam as opposed to others is that there’s been a hell of a lot of problems with this exam which other people have sat and it takes about 3 months to get results and there’s set dates to resit every 3 months… so fingers crossed please! think this is going to be my ultimate goal!

so something that hopefully is happening in February is that me and my boyfriend, Matt, should be moving out together. So I want to make sure that the house we do move into in February that I can make it properly feel like a home && hopefully not spend too much money in doing so haha. I’m slightly worried a house doesn’t become a home until there’s a Christmas tree up which you cant do in February so I’ve gone crazy on the fairy lights, because they’re all year round right. (if there’s any house kinda posts you’d like let me know, id love to do some)

I Also want to get more active. Not because I need to loose weight. just because I want  to firstly tone up and I low key die running up the stairs. but also, I started the gym at the beginning of the year and I honestly absolutely loved it but slowly lost motivation as it got colder and just ended up cancelling it.

I honesty feel like I could go on as theres loads of things I would like to improve on a personal level like confidence etc. and I also want to carry on focusing on my blog and making sure I keep up with this as I honestly really enjoy having this as my hobby. also, reading other blog posts!

Charlotte xx

Gift guide ~ Child

Hello Everybody!

I was going to do Gift guide for her.. but I thought I haven’t seen a gift guide for a child and that got me thinking about how I find shopping for my niece and nephew literally the most easiest thing… maybe because theyre still young. but I thought I would do one for children I will target this more towards like 1-7 but obviously id be happy to grab some of these myself!

Image result for Nerf gunNerf Gun – Who doesn’t love a nerf gun!

I Love this!! Id be happy with this myself! its a good modern take on scalextric!

Paw Patrol money temple- I feel like this is a must have this year so I’ve included it but it does look pretty cool!

Chad Valley ball fun – Honestly aswell want this for myself.. how is there not an adult version of this it looks so fun.

Image result for aqua mat Aqua doodle matt – I brought one of these for my nephew a few years back and we both absolutely loved it. its a way for them to get creative but make no mess! win win!

Charlotte x

BirchBox ~ December

Hi Everyone!

Soo I just received my birch box… Literally 5 mins before I started this post but I needed to show you all how GORGEOUS this packaging is! its stunning. I love the red on it defiantly makes it so much more festive but also the flower print! May have to keep this one for storage of some sort just wish the boxes was bigger. this has to be the best one I’ve received so far, The only down side Vie got so far is the pixi lip balm but ill get into that in a second.

Pixi Shea Lip butter Lip Balm RRP £8 ~ FULL SIZE.

“Looking for a lippie that adds just the right amount of colour without compromising on nourishment? We’ve found the solution! This hydtatingg bal is brimming with skin-friendly ingredients, like shea butter and Vitamin E to care for your lips, while flattering nude- pink shade adds a wash of pretty pigment.”

Ok so this is the item birchbox let you choose, you could choose between this and a red lip ( Cant remember what it was don’t hate on me please) So I wasn’t too fussed and just hit the “Surprise me” button. I’ve not tried anything from Pixi so I was excited but when I opened it… it felt cheap and I twisted it and unless I twisted it all the way up it fell down so I don’t think ill be loving this :(. Please let me know if you got this and experience the same? or if you got the red let me know if its better 🙂

Bija Paris – RRP £14.90 – 1.76oz SAMPLE-

“This 97% Natural Exfoliator. Massage this sumptuous blend of sugar, honey and sunflower seed oil onto damp skin then rise it clean to reveal soft, supple radiant limbs. A truly Sweet addition to pamper night.”*
Now I expected this judging the colour not to smell pleasant as I love sweet scents and it looked like a spiced scent so I was surprised then It literally smelt like Vanilla cant wait to give this a whirl! 

Obsessie Compulsive cosmetics ~ RRP £15.00 -2.5ML SAMPLE-

“Keep your lipstick in place for as long as you need it with this innovative primer. It soothes lips with hemp and peppermint oils and vitamin E, Creating a hydrated base for colour to cling to. a little goes a long way so blot away any excess before applying your lipstick! or Wear it solo if you’re just after the moisture boost.” *

I’m excited to try this especially under some drying matte lipsticks to see if this will make them not feel as drying! but I’m disappointed as if I knew this was going to be in there I wouldn’t have choose the pixi lip balm. basically I needed a new lip balm and was being lazy and thought id just grab that one save me going to the shops haha! 

Kebelo Clarifying shampoo ~ RRP £13.95 -40ML SAMPLE-

“Use it just once or twice a month to sweep away product build- up and purify your scalp for a deep-down clean. Stressed- out stands will be restored and your hair will be left feeling soft and shiny” *

This sounds amazing and I really want t try this as it sounds perfect for a pamper night and just to unwind after Christmas shopping haha but my only concern is will it also strip the colour out my hair? not feeling it revitalising it and leaving my hair a mess!

Spectrum Collections B04 Angled Blender brush ~ RRP £4.99 *FULL SIZE*

“The perfect size and shape to fit the contour of your eyes, this synthetic brush can be used with powder or cream shadows to shape and define your eyelids for a fool proof Smokey eye or a simple wash f colour.”*

This feels so soft and sturdy like it will do a good job and I will defiantly be trying this out as soon as I get a chance! I cant believe its only £4.99 I expected spectrum brushes to be at least £9.99 might have to have a good look into these if this one holds up! Also, its black and rose gold! who doesn’t love that combination!

* all descriptions are from Birchbox leaflet and not my opinions etc*

Charlotte x